Regeneration Cream

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MAIN INGREDIENTS  Sodium DNA(PDRN), Wine extract, Adenosine


EFFECT Skin recovery and regeneration through cell growth factor activity Block blue light Soothes and moisturizes skin irritated by the external environment Skin whitening by inhibiting melanin production.

LAFIN complete renew cream is an ointment-type cream containing PDRN extracted from salmon's germ cells. It is a multi-functional rejuvenating cream that has anti-wrinkle and whitening effects and at the same time blocks blue light which is the cause of skin aging in life. PDRN's excellent regenerative effect, which revitalizes the skin by promoting cell and tissue repair, angiogenesis, and blood flow improvement, restores the skin exhausted by the external environment. Adenosine and niacinamide, which are functional ingredients for wrinkle and whitening improvement in the KFDA notice, make the skin elastic and bright LAFIN cream, certified as "EXCELLENT" by German Dermatest, is a daily & night cream for healthy skincare that has three effect of soothing, moisturizing and regenerating safely without burden on the skin.