PDRN Regeneration KIT

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Product description

MAIN INGREDIENTS Sodium DNA(PDRN), Volufiline, Stem cell culture solution

Avant Gel; Appui Booster; Nuvene Ampoule; Latin Cream


EFFECT Restoration of skin barrier of skin regenerative active substances Adipocyte differentiation and proliferation to improve elasticity and wrinkles / Acne and acne scar improvement Pigmentation after laser / Improvement of wide pores.

Protein Filling System for skin DNA restoration
LaChomB's first kit program, PDRN Laburesson, is an intensive care that helps correct sensitive skin sedation, moisturization and damaged skin barriers, starting with a turnover cycle of tired skin due to the external environment. It's perfect one-month skin regeneration kit that helps you get back to healthy skin.