Cooling Modeling Mask

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Product description

MAIN INGREDIENTS Glucose, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate Maximize skin penetration, soothing and moisturizing / Instant cooling system to reduce hot flush


EFFECT Soothes sensitive skin, Moisturizing

LaChomB ILLUMINU PACK DE MASQUES is made from Glucose base, unlike general modeling packs with the highest content of diatomaceous earth, so it has cooler properties than general modeling packs. When the temperature of the skin, which is strongly stimulated by the external environment, rises, the collagen degrading enzyme in the dermal layer is activated, which can decrease skin elasticity and cause trouble. LaChomB Illuminu is a mask pack with an instant cooling system that inside the skin and has a high viscosity, so it has better skin adhesion than a normal diatomaceous earth-based modeling pack, creating a perfect vacuum. Therefore, the active ingredients in the pack do not evaporate to the outside and are absorbed more deeply into the skin, so soothing and moisturizing can be maximized. In addition, the hydrating complex with excellent moisturizing power provide continuous moisture and nutrition even after the pack hardens, making the skin moist.