Cleaning Enzyme Powder with Vitamin Complex

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Product description

MAIN INGREDIENTS Papain Enzyme, Naturally Amino Acid Surfactant, Vitamin Complex, Collagen, Allantoin

EFFECT Gentle and non-irritating cleansing / Skin soothing and moisturizing


LaChomB POWDER FLANDEAU is a hypoallergenic enzyme cleansing powder containing papain enzyme powder. It is an enzyme cleanser using a naturally derived amino acid surfactant that maintains the skin balance without irritation with a slightly acidic pH suitable for the skin. It is designed to remove the waste products in the pores with mild and rich foam with less irritation, and strengthen the moisture barrier to prevent skin tightness. Unlike general alkaline soaps, it uses a weakly acidic, natural-derived surfactant with high skin affinity and good biodegradability, so even sensitive skin can be used without irritation. As it contains collagen and various vitamins, it provides sufficient moisture while cleansing and soothes the skin.