BNC Aqua Marine Modeling Pack Self care Kit

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Product description

65g / 6.5g *5ea

Advantages of modeling packs

The modeling pack blocks evaporation of moisture when air comes into contact. It sticks better than other packs. It is good for flexing your face and apply the active ingredients to your skin It protects the skin by absorbing it effectively. 

-Easy home care

-High moisturizing power 

-Tight adhesion 

Ingredients that maximize effectiveness

Dogo Hot Spring Water

Dogo Hot Spring Water contains sulfur, which is effective for skin beauty and makes it smooth and elastic. 

Bifida Ferment Lysate

Bifidus bacteria which are beneficial to the human body, provide nutrients to the skin and help skin health.


It is an ingredient extracted from olive oil that has an excellent effect on moisturizing the skin and helps smooth application.


It is a mixture of egg yolks and beans that has excellent skin safety and has the effect of fixing moisture to the skin.