Essello ACODERM Biregen Carboxyl Bifidus Return Mask Pack

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Product description

Essello ACODERM Biregen Carboxyl Bifidus Return Mask Pack 

Volume: ACODERM BIFIDA AS Mask Gel net. 25g/0,88 oz x 6 ea

              ACODERM BIFIDA Sparkle Mask Patch net wt. 3g/0.10 oz x 6 ea

Main ingredients:

5 peptides, Bifida Fermented Filters, Dogo Hot Spring Water, Cypress Leaf Exract, Aloe vera leaf extract 


Carboxy Carbonic Acid Bubble (Bore Effect)

Essellobnc's Acodum Viagen meets gel and specialized patches Carbonic acid bubble effect (bore effect) is generated to generate CO2 to release O2 from blood It induces healthy skin and penetrates active ingredients into the skin It helps with oxygen and nutrition, helping to improve skin elasticity and improvement. 

ACODERM BIRGEN Active Ampoule Object

It synthesizes various vitamins during the fermentation process of Bifida fermented filtrate and is rich in protein, lactose, miscarriage, and other inorganic substances. It plays a role in helping the skin become healthy by increasing the absorption of lactic acid bacteria and relieving stress. 


Bifida Spark Mask Patch containing patented ingredients and AS Mask Gel meet to create carbonic acid bubble (bore effect) Through microcirculation, you can adjust the PH ballast of the skin and take care of healthy skin by removing waste and exfoliating skin.