BNC Crystal White Kit

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Product description

Crystal White Kit

Timing Solution Ampoule (4ml x 10ea)
Time Serum (50ml x1ea)
Revolution cream (50ml x 1ea)

Main ingredients: Soybean Fermented Extract, Bifida Fermented Filter, White willow bark extract, Oregano Leaf Extract, Cypress leaf extract. 

Timing Solution Ampoule
It is a stabilized glycolic acid peeling that safely removes old dead skin cells with 10 patented natural ingredients and bifida fermented filtrate ingredients. 

Time Serum

It is a serum that fills moisture and nutrition from the skin barrier, brightens it, and the bifida fermented filtrate ingredients make healthy skin.

Revolution cream

It protects the skin from external hazards and makes the skin healthy and moist with bifida fermented filtrate. 

-Pore contraction

-Moisturizing the skin

-Glossy skin

-3 safety factors: painless, dull, and erythema