BNC AQUAGEN Amino Acid Kit

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Aquagen Amino Acxylid Kit
Aquagen A1 NP Solution (6ml x 5ea)
Aquagen A2 Haya Cream (30ml x2ea)
Aquagen A3 Reservoir Ampoule (6ml x 5ea)


-Helps to maintain moisture and moisturization for sensitive and dry skin

-Helps with weakened skin after dermatological treatments

-Helps with sufficient hydration and delivery of active ingredients

-Increases skin resistance 

-Improve wrinkles and elasticity 

It contains AQUAXTL (patent registration) ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier function. It helps with thorough moisture management through two routes that
keep you from escaping.

Aquagen A1NP Solutions

It contains active ingredients such as hydrolyzed elastin and amino acid complex to prevent skin aging and provide moisture to skin. 

Aquagen A2 Haya Cream

It contains hydrolyzed algin, which is rich in minerals and fatty acids. It provides deep moisturizing effect and makes your skin healthy with a functional wrinkle improvement. 

Aquagen A3 Leisure Boa Ampoule 

It contains sodium hyaluronate with excellent moisturizing properties, capertri peptide, etc, which opens up the skin's moisture path to make it moist and clear.